Lately there has been a lot of talk in store and at the gyms about the ban of supplements and mainly the ban of an ingredient called Dynamine in Australia. So, let’s look at the pro’s and con’s of this ban, what it means for you and what supplements can you now use?  

In Australia, the supplement industry is governed by rules and regulations from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). As of this month the rules are changing and this includes the ban of synthetic caffeine derivative Dynamine ( This means that all products containing Dynamine will be pulled from shelves (including ours!) by November 30 2020! Reasoning for the ban includes serious adverse events reported both domestically and internationally including Dynamine being the cause of deaths and liver transplants when used incorrectly.  

However, with 630 sports supplements on the market in Australia across the categories of pre-workout, fat-burner and post-workout or recovery products ( the impact this will have on the supplement industry will be long lasting. Here’s a list of the supplements we stock that will be removed from our store by November 30th 2020:  

  • Koala Freak  
  • Power Switch 
  • Smart Burn  

What we can expect to happen is many of our fav and now banned products will be reformulated and repackaged ready for sale or many are speculating that Dynamine with be replaced with Green Coffee bean extract ( ). Which in itself can be a powerful weight loss and caffeine based stimulant. But this will cause delays and shortages when it comes to alternative products. 

Some fantastic alternatives already on the market you can try are:  

So, with this ban we are faced with an overhaul of some of our favourite products. But it does mean several pre-workouts, fat-burners and post-workout products will be reformulated giving us a brand-new range of products to try!   

Let us know what you think or one of your fav products is on the banned list!!  


Hannah x