The acids called Branch Chain Amino Acids (or BCAA’s) are known as the Building Blocks for building muscle and tone, however our own body doesn't naturally produce them which makes them tricky to replace when working out. So, when trying to create and build muscle and tone, it becomes essential to supplement these key amino acids!  

We absorb BCAA’s from our food, however after a big workout these acids are not readily available to our exerted musclesTherefore, we need use a BCAA supplement either during or immediately after a workout to achieve those gains we are chasing. A scientifically perfect BCAA formula includes two parts Leucine to one part Isoleucine and Valine. Here’s a breakdown:  

~ Leucine triggers the synthesis of new skeletal muscle which improves your gains between workouts. In doing so Leucine also allows your body to recover from intense workouts quicker, minimises muscle soreness, assists toning and promotes muscle growth.  

~ Isoleucine is used as fuel by the muscle cells during and after an intense workout. Isoleucine like Leucine, streamlines the recovery process and reduces the time it takes for your muscles to recover after intense exercise. 

~ Valine encourages protein synthesis and muscle tissue growth while acting as a facilitator for the flow of energy to the muscles and protecting muscle tissue from excessive damage / stress during exercise 


By ensuring we use a BCAA supplement during or immediately after a workout you are ensuring the best results for the hard work you put in at the gym or training.  

The Baguio Sports Tropical 2:1:1 BCAA powder is a perfect supplement to use when replacing those tricky amino acids during and post workout. This supplement uses the highest quality BCAA instantised raw material and blends it with natural flavours to ensure easy mixing with a delicious natural taste (


So if you find yourself experiencing muscle fatigue, lacking energy and gaining less muscle growth after intense workout, give a BCAA supplement powder a go and replace those key amino acids post workout!  

Cheers, Hannah x