A little over a year ago, Fasted Cardio was THE thing to be doing at the gym! I personally love fasted cardio and have made it part of my everyday gym routine, however let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of this process as well as what supplements aid in supporting fasted cardio!  

The idea of fasted cardio is based on whether or not you eat before a workout, specifically targeted cardio. However, since it favors people exercising on an empty stomach, you can see how a conflicting point of view arises. Generally fasted cardio is done at least three to four hours after a meal, most of the time exercise is performed in the morning before the first meal of the day. By not having excess calories or fuel on hand from a recent meal or pre-workout snack forces your body to rely on stored fuel, which happens to be glycogen and stored fat (https://www.healthline.com/health/fitness-exercise/fasted-cardio-when-to-eat-workout#1.-Try-it:-Fasted-cardio-could-help-you-burn-more-fat).  

 Fasted cardio does not mean you stick to an intermittent fasting diet routine, as it can be achieved by simply working out before eating breakfast! But getting up and jumping onto the treadmill or bike for serious cardio is easier said than done. Here’s a list of my top three energy boosting supplements that will give you that kick you need to achieve fasted cardio: 


However, in many opinions, eating before a cardio workout is essential if you’re trying to add muscle mass. This point of view is one of the drawbacks of fasted cardio, but if you're eating adequate protein and continuing to use your muscle during your workout this shouldn’t be a problem (https://www.healthline.com/health/fitness-exercise/fasted-cardio-when-to-eat-workout#2.-Skip-it:-Eating-before-a-cardio-workout-is-essential-if-youre-trying-to-add-muscle-mass). 

So, depending on your takeaway for Fasted Cardio, whether you love it or hate it, there is some great evidence that supports this processes fat burning effects. Especially when combined with fantastic fat burning supplements!  



Hannah x