I feel like lately hemp has exploded onto the supplement scene and with a wide range of supplements supporting fat burning, fatigue, anxiety and muscle repair, it’s easy to see why hemp is the product everyone is asking for! So, what is hemp, what is the best way to consume it and most importantly is it legal?!  

Yes, hemp is legal in Australia as it is contains minimal or zero of the psycho-active or mind-altering ingredient THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This makes hemp no different from your oats and grains, in terms of narcotic effects (https://farmers.org.au/blog/5-questions-you-may-have-about-the-hemp-industry/).  

Hemp is versatile and dynamic when used as a supplement, it can be used in vegan protein powders, as a seed to provide a nutritional boost to smoothies and also as an oil. For example, hemp seeds have a complete amino acid profile, are gluten free, contain a huge amount of protein and require very little preparation in order to be used. Hemp oil is a great essential fatty acid alternative as it is anti-inflammatory, reduces risk of heart disease and can be used to treatment eczema (https://farmers.org.au/blog/5-questions-you-may-have-about-the-hemp-industry/). 

Theres two fantastic hemp products that will easily add hemp into your diet are +Hemp Water and Hemp CD2 Oil: 

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Cheers, Hannah x