I’ve heard so many times that weightlifting straps are essential when making heavy deadlifts and thought it’s about time I give them a go! I’ve never actually used wrist straps at the gym until today, so from me to you this is a how to guide on using weightlifting straps!  

So here we go, I’ve followed these super simple steps for using wrist straps when deadlifting:  

  1. Make a loop and slide your hand through the loop of the strap 
  2. Tighten straps and place your hand over the barbell 
  3. Wrap the hanging end of the strap around the bar 2–3 times 
  4. Tighten your overhand grip around the straps and lift the bar  

I found...That not only was I able to lift heavier but once I got the hang of getting the straps on, I was able to improve my form. With less focus on strength to hold the bar I was able to better engage my back, glutes and hamstrings therefore perform a better lift. Lifting straps make deadlifting easier on the hands, wrists and upper body! Everybody wants to achieve a smooth and powerful deadlift and by using straps I was able to achieve a great lift, all while upping my personal best as well!  

Often when deadlifting we reach a point where we are waiting for our grip strength to improve and this deficit cheats our key muscle groups of that hardworking overload, as you can’t hold enough weight in your hands. This is where you add wrist straps to help you push those top weight sets. Especially when body building, using straps on deadlifts changes the purpose of the exercise from building grip strength (no straps) to challenging your full use of your back, glutes and hamstrings (with straps). Just remember the more you can lift, the more gains you’ll have! (https://barbend.com/women-men-use-deadlifting-straps/) 

Our Baguio Sports straps are designed to support your strength to go for extra reps. Our lifting straps are made from cotton with neoprene padding so that they do not cut into your wrists and you can perform a better lift https://baguiosports.com/collections/wrist-straps/products/copy-of-baguio-sports-weight-bodybuilding-lifting-straps-camo 

Overall, I think lifting straps are a great way to improve your deadlifting game and to help you move from gym novice to an advanced lifter!!  

Cheers, Hannah x