Often in the cooler months we forget about the importance of hydration, not only for daily function of our bodies but also for performance when training and muscle building. Let’s talk about the how hydration affects our health and essentially affects our ability to achieve our goals!  

As water makes up around 60-75% of your body weight, it serves as an important part of your nutrition and wellbeing. Hydration your alertness, appetite, performance, fatigue, body temperature, joints, nutrients, waste and skin. Therefore, when we become dehydrated these functions become impaired which affects our performance ability and causes fatigue. These factors are not only detrimental to your workout but can eventually affect your health (https://www.realbuzz.com/articles-interests/nutrition/article/10-must-know-hydration-tips/). 

So, here’s my top 5 tips for keeping hydrated:  

  • Buy an epic water bottle that holds 2L, this while give you a goal for the day that is tangible! I love seeing my giant Hydra bottle go from full to empty throughout my day. Get yours here... https://baguiosports.com/products/2-2l-bottle?_pos=1&_sid=c3ec350eb&_ss=r 
  • Add fruit for a new flavour twist, by adding fruit such as strawberries, citrus or kiwi fruit you're not only giving yourself a tasty sip but also a nutritional boost with fibre, natural sugar and antioxidants! Also, by adding lemon to your water you are helping to kick start your metabolism and digestive system.  
  • Use a hydration reminder on your smart watch or fitness tracker. Some people thrive on the challenge to meet a daily requirement and reminders really help keep you in check when you forget or get busy.  
  • Try green tea to break up the monotony of drinking water, help wake up those brain cells mid-afternoon and promote the health benefits such as immune system support. Something about green tea just makes me feel healthy.  
  • Consume a supplement aimed at hydration and replacing lost electrolytes to re-hydrate your body post-workout. Supplements such as BCAA’s are jammed packed full of not only amino acids but also electrolytes for rehydration. Try ON's Essential Amino Energy for a fruit flavoured boost of energy with amino acids for muscle support and electrolytes to help replace what’s lost through sweat. Get yours here...https://baguiosports.com/products/amino-watermelon?_pos=3&_sid=5fcc788ec&_ss=r 

When our bodies are hydrated, we are able to maximise physical performance, have higher energy levels and brain function, avoid dehydration headaches and aid weight loss by boosting our metabolic rate. But how much water do we actually need daily? The average person should be consuming around 2.5 litres for men and 2 litres for women per day, 70-80% of which should be sourced from water and the remaining from food (https://www.realbuzz.com/articles-interests/nutrition/article/10-must-know-hydration-tips/) 

I hope that these tips can help you hit your daily hydration goals and help promote a healthier, fitter you!  

Cheers, Hannah x