After discussing the benefits and types of Whey protein, I think it’s important now to talk about the amazing range of alternatives to Whey protein. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to whey because of dietary restrictions such as being vegan or whether it’s you simply don’t like the taste of whey protein, it’s still important to supplement your diet with protein. So, how can you reach your daily required amount of protein for your goals if you can’t consume whey products? With vegan friendly gluten free Rice and Pea protein supplements!  

Over the past few years non-whey protein products have come a long way...from gritty grainy drinks to smooth tasty nourishing products that satisfy not only your protein requirements but also you dietary and ethical needs!  

What’s used instead of Whey? Firstly, there’s Pea protein powder which is made by extracting protein from yellow peas, it is a high-quality protein, great source of iron, arginine and branched-chain amino acids ( It’s digested and absorbed well and works with a variety of diets. When choosing an alternative to whey protein it is important to choose a balanced full amino spectrum lean protein powder.  

Then there’s Rice protein (whether from brown or white rice), but it is an incomplete protein that does not provide all the essential amino acids your body requires. But when combined with pea protein, it provides all nine essential amino acids and the most concentrated protein per gram when comparable to whey protein  ( 

Provide Nutrition's Vegan Protein is 100% animal free nutrition supplement. It contains zero dairy, zero lactose or gluten and therefore zero bloat using a combined Pea & Rice Protein with high protein basis to aid your training but also assist in weight management ( 

So, alternatives for whey protein are not only ideal for vegans, but also people who are simply trying to avoid dairy and gluten protein due to intolerance. By consuming non-whey protein you can still meet all your dietary needs and have post workout shakes with all the high protein benefits! 

Cheers, Hannah x