Weightlifting is hard, it’s supposed to be extremely hard...who would have thought there would be such a challenge to picking something extremely heavy up? I personally love weight lifting and think it’s a fantastic way to build muscle, strength and mental determination. However, there’s a few accessories that are essential to assisting with a great lift. Those often include the use of gloves, wrapped wrist straps and weight lifting belts.  

Gloves -  

When you use gloves for weight lifting, they provide a strong base of support for your lift movements through adding a stable platform around your hands to increase grip stability and help you lift heavier for longer (https://gripads.com/blog/wearing-weight-lifting-gloves/). Gloves also assist with extra support, allow ventilation to reduce sweaty hands and enhance grip support and protect your palm from calluses. Our Baguio sports weightlifting gloves are made of high quality genuine leather, and cotton mesh ideal for lifting. (https://baguiosports.com/collections/clothes/products/baguio-sports-weightlifting-and-training-gloves-1).  


Straps -  

Wrapped wrist straps are designed to give your wrist a supreme support when you lift heavy weights or just simply preventing your wrist in sprain injury. Our Baguio Sports straps provide a handy thumb loop keeps that strap secure in place combining the best in ease and durability and are made of heavy duty cotton elastic (https://baguiosports.com/collections/clothes/products/baguio-sports-weightlifting-gym-training-wrist-straps-red). 


Belts -  

Now belts we’ve talked about before but here’s a quick recap (https://baguiosports.com/blogs/blogs/why-do-weightlifters-use-belts). Weightlifting belts essentially provide support for your lower back when lifting. This is done by reducing stress on the lower back with support and preventing hyper extension (https://baguiosports.com/collections/clothes/products/baguio-sports-belts-red). Weightlifting belts are vital when it comes to increasing the amount of weight you can lift!! 

The combination of these three accessories can not only help you to lift heavier but also prevent hand, wrist and back injuries. At Baguio Sports we provide a great range of weightlifting accessories, come by and check us out or shop online using the links above!  



Hannah x