On face value, whole foods are always going to be more beneficial for you in terms of nutritional value. However what do you when you can’t access whole food nutrients? You supplement your diet with high grade substitutes to guarantee your are reaching your nutritional goals, of course! 

Some of the possible reasons of why we can’t obtain whole foods include a busy lifestyle in which we often forget about our nutritional goals and how important whole foods are. Other reasons may include health issues such as intolerances, allergies or sickness. These reasons can play an especially big role in our active lifestyles as they limit it our access to whole foods. 

So when we are not absorbing whole foods we put stress on our body, this is then magnified when we work out at the gym. In comes supplements, for example SWITCH products such as Adrenal Switch or Vitality Switch which use ingredients that have been hand-selected to provide you with some of the planet’s healthiest whole food nutrients (https://switchnutrition.com.au/collections/our-range/products/vitality-switch). 

It’s alarming that 75% of our population magnesium deficient and it’s only post workout with delayed onset muscle soreness we realise we are missing magnesium. But Adrenal Switch is an amazing product designed to support the systems necessary for your bodies post-workout and our nutrient recovery! (https://switchnutrition.com.au/collections/our-range/products/adrenal-switch-magnesium ). 

 Whereas, if your missing you daily dose of leafy veggies, need an antioxidant boost or feeling lethargic, you’ll need a super greens supplement! Vitality Switch is a super greens whole food supplement that helps to support your nutrient requirement. It contains greens supplements that supply you with essential concentrated extracts of super foods, high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals missing from your everyday diet (https://switchnutrition.com.au/collections/our-range/products/vitality-switch). 

It’s always important when planning your fitness goals to keep your nutritional goals in mind because bigger muscles and leaner look does not happen without proper nutritional support and supplements!!  You can find these amazing products and more in store or online at Baguio Sports!! 



Cheers, Hannah x