I love, I mean love leg and booty day at the gymnothing makes me feel like more of a boss in the gym then leg day. Often you’ll find me on the deadlift platform perfecting my sumo deadlift form but for the  days that I want a heart rate raising leg workout you’ll see me reaching for my booty resistance band. These handy little bands come in a range of sizes, strengths and materials. By using a band during your workout it targets your glutes and hamstrings, adding resistance to functional movements and increasing the amount muscle energy used to complete each rep. You can use them simply around the legs above the knees in a squat to focus that energy into glute and hamstring area and helping build those gains. I love to use a band when doing hip raises or hip thrusts with a bar, as it helps me keep my form aligned, push past the resistance created when raising hips off the floor and maintain strength in my hamstrings when trying to move weight.  

Here’s where to start 

For beginners, the silicon/rubber bands are a great way to get started. Start by giving these a go around your legs above the knees during a squat, crab walk, lunge or split squat.  

For intermediate, try the heavy version of the silicon/rubber bands and add them to your hip raises or thrusters with barbell weights, or on the leg press around the legs above the knees for tight glute activation during heavy weight movements 

For advanced, I’ve just started using a “fabric” booty band which is high grade Polyester latex and elastic rubber that adds medium to heavy resistance for your leg day. The Sports Booty and Resistance Band from Baguio Sports is my new favourite and is capable of getting you high intensity results during your strength training as well as body shaping (https://baguiosports.com/search?q=Booty 


Have fun turning up the volume on leg and booty day by adding a resistance band 

Cheers, Hannah x