Baguio Sports Weightlifting Gym Training Wrist Strap Yellow

Baguio Sports Weightlifting gym training wrist strap in yellow comes in pairs.
Baguio Sports wrist straps are designed to give your wrist a supreme support when you lift heavy weights or just simply preventing your wrist in sprain injury. These straps combines the best in ease and durability, it is made of heavy duty and strong cotton elastic Material. The thumb loop keeps the strap secure in place.
Wrist pain is common. Repetitive motion can damage your wrist. Everyday activities like typing, racquet sports or sewing can cause pain or even carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive lifting of heavy weight or sudden movements of your wrist can cause ligament injuries.
That is why we bring you the Baguio Sports Wrists straps to support your daily workout and sports activities.
  • Fastened high grade Velcro Closure

  • Heavy Duty cotton elastic Material

  • Thumb loop for easy wrap and hold 

  • 3” Width

  • 14” length

  • Comes in pair

  • Washable and never shrink 

  • One size fit all