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Ultra-premium Gainer

To pack on size, you need hard, consistent training, and a balanced diet, combined with the right supplementation. Determination will push you so far, but a weight gainer will help convert that effort into muscle mass.

Adding size is about more than bulking up at any cost. You need protein to support muscle growth and repair, and a high hit of quality calories to give you a positive energy balance between what you burn and what you need for maximum physique gains. Reach for a nutrient-dense formula that goes all out to fuel your muscle-building needs.

An ultra-premium lean gainer, TRUE-MASS® supports gains, but with lower fats and carbohydrates than you’d expect from a gainer. it tastes amazing too. scientifically formulated to help you achieve your size goals, it builds muscle not just mass.

Goals It Helps To Achieve

Bulk Up

Maximise your muscle gains with hard training and targeted nutrition. It's not about bulking up at any cost, but consuming quality calories to fuel your success.


Want to be bigger and more defined than the rest? Maximise your muscles, and eliminate any weaknesses, to transform yourself. An unrelenting determination to be better is not optional.