Burn TMC - Double Chocolate
Burn TMC - Double Chocolate

Burn TMC - Double Chocolate

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Maxine’s BURN TMC is an all-natural, healthy option that ticks all the nutritional boxes! With its gluten-free and nut-free formulation, no artificial colours & flavours, fibre to support gut health and 10g of protein per delicious cookie, they are the smart option for an on the go meal! WHAT MAKES IT AMEAL IN A COOKIE? With the perfect balance of high protein, low carbs, high fibre and 16 essential vitamins and minerals, Maxine’s BURN TMC is the ideal guilt-free, low calorie ‘on the go’ meal replacement snack.

How To Take TMC Total Meal Cookie

Consume 1 cookie a day

Maxine's TMC cookies can be used throughout the day as a nutritious, smart and healthy meal option.

Who Should Take TMC Total Meal Cookie

Maxine's Burn TMC total meal cookie is perfect for those looking for a guilt-free, healthy meal in a cookie and will help you achieve your weight loss goals.