Figure 8 Weightlifitng Straps Black


Baguio Sports Figure 8 Lifting Straps is design to give you a solid grip on the bar when lifting heavier weights.

a double-loop around your wrists, into the bar giving you an extra grip when doing deadlifts , weighted pull-ups, or shrugs .

100% Super Strong Cotton Blend & Neoprene Padding on the contact areas that makes both straps strong and comfortable. 

It is designed to fit any wrist that will hold long enough to complete your sets.

Sold as a pair (2 Straps) 



  • Made of Heavy-duty Quality Cotton
  • 100% strong woven cotton blend
  • one Size fits all 
  • 4 colours to chose from
  • Very Strong Support for Wrist's
  • Comfortable padding on all contact areas
  • perfect for heavy lifting 
  • Neoprene Padded in both end
  • Washable
  • embossed baguio sports logo