BPM Labs Gutmaxxx – Not Your Average Gut Health Formula

BPM Labs Gutmaxx is an anti-inflammatory supplement, designed to support gut health and general wellbeing. BPM Labs Gutmaxx is packed with organic, immune boosting ingredients, as well as terpenes and non-psychoactive containing cannabinoids. This unique blend, taken orally via droplets aims to assist in controlling the inflammatory response, as well as generally assisting with gut health and optimising general wellbeing.

  • Naturally found, organic hemp oil base.
  • Vegan friendly supplement.
  • Contains fatty acids, omegas, oils and vitamins.
  • Rich in terpenes, including β-D-Limonene and β-Caryophyllene.
  • Promotes improvements in general health.
  • Supports a controlled inflammatory response.
  • Supports general gut health.

BPM Labs has formulated and produced Gutmaxx in a Good Manufacturing Practice facility, with Australian compliant and approved ingredients. This is a very unique supplement. To take full advantage of its benefits, try taking 1 serve prior to bed.