BPM Labs - Myoblast

Need a little help increasing your strength, improving lean muscle gain, and supporting recovery and healing? BPM Labs Myoblast might just do the trick! 


  • May increase strength
  • May increase lean muscle gain
  • May promote bone health
  • May improve recovery and healing 


Containing a potent blend of ingredients carefully chosen to help increase anabolic activity and inhibit myostatin activity, BPM Labs Myoblast might be just what you need to help boost lean muscle gains and strength!

Wondering what’s inside? BPM Labs Myoblast contains three key ingredients that work synergistically to support bone health, recovery, healing, strength and lean muscle gain. 50ml of Epicatechin per day is suggested to inhibit myostatin activity, which helps to increase muscle mass and decrease adipose tissue. Additionally, Dihydrocoumarin (DHC) is a pseudo steroid that acts like anabolic steroids and sex hormones. Studies have demonstrated that DHC helps to upregulate androgen receptor expression as it is a SIRT1 inhibitor that pushes cells to differentiate and replicate. Finally, MK2682 (Methylester Kyseliny-anthranilove), is a non-steroidal compound that’s designed to support muscle growth, prevent muscle breakdown, and boost muscle and bone strength. 


Whether you’re wanting to improve your strength, increase lean muscle mass, support your bone health, or increase your recovery and healing, BPM Labs Myoblast ticks all the boxes when it comes to helping you achieve your goals.