Collabs with Baguio Sports !!

We would like to welcome @thehydrabrand to @baguiosports retails store 🎉this is another great collaboration between two brands . Their products will be available in the store 👏🏻 check them out guys 🥂

We would like to announce that FITAID - Recovery @lifeaid will be available @baguiosports store🎉Fuel your body with this amazing bevy 👇🏼‼️
RECOVERY FOR YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: The FITAID Recovery Blend has essential nutrients for your body—train hard, recover clean!
With BCAAs & ingredients, your body needs right after the gym, biking, hiking, running, your favourite outdoor activity or exercise.

It is our great pleasure to announce that @optimumnutrition will be residing at @baguiosports store 🙏🏻thank you to @amanda.louise.proud who is the ON State Manager for the successful meeting and time visiting and appreciating the store. 🎉We can't wait to receive our first order of @optimumnutrition supplements ‼️

Today is the official collaboration of @vamfitness & @baguiosports 🔥🔥
Vam will be the main manufacturer of our fitness equipment and accessories 🎉🎉