About Us

Australia has one of the largest population of health-conscious people who is normally fond in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Aside from regularly hitting the gym or smashing in crossfit, most of them also loves outdoor sports. True as they say,  that once habitually done,  it became a lifestyle. This is why Australians have been a constant inspiration of the populace around the world of being one of the leader in Fitness and Sports.

Australia has also inspired BAGUIO Sports -"BLOOD AND GOAL UNITED IN ONEto support everyone who are motivated and inspired enough to jump-off to the next level of fitness.

BAGUIO Sports is the century's newest Fitness Performance Apparels and Accessories Online Shop based in Perth Australia. We have grown from humble beginnings into a company that is now supplying Australia a wide range of real hand-made and machine-made products from our domestic and overseas manufacturers.


To the purpose of helping others reaching their goals by changing their lifestyle,  maintain good health, and achieve their dreams to becoming physically fit.


To support your daily needs in fitness and health by delivering innovative and cost-effective apparels and fitness accessories.


We pride ourselves in providing tested products that provide real, measurable results and employ personnel for the continual improvement of our products through innovation and creation of new designs.

As one of the Australia's market leader in Fitness Apparel and Accessories, we guarantee that all of our products are directly made from our manufacturers, without contracting into any third party agreement, so that you can surely enjoy the savings that you deserve. 

As we introduce new brands and products, our website will be continuously updated to showcase our new stocks and more exciting offers. Visit our website at www.baguiosports.com and browse through our vast collection of exclusive sportswear, apparels and merchandise.

We at BAGUIO Sports will always place your fitness needs as our highest priority. We intend on becoming your one-stop shop for sports merchandise and apparel. Our success so far is due to our commitment in providing you the highest quality products, competitive prices, express deliveries, and detailed item informations.

Join us, as we continue to grow, succeed, and try to help and make the world a better healthy place.

Your continued support will give us more dedication inspiration, motivation, commitments and real purpose to produce and innovate a range of product to suit your needs in fitness and health.

Join THE TEAM now , become United In kicking goals together as ONE!!!