Legit Recovery


  • Boosts muscle endurance
  • Fights fatigue during workouts
  • Speeds up recovery post-training


Legit Recovery is your ultimate workout partner, meticulously crafted with all 9 essential amino acids and a superior blend of electrolytes. This intra-workout supplement is designed to fuel your muscles, significantly enhancing endurance and reducing fatigue. By taking Legit Recovery during your exercise sessions, you provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to sustain longer and harder workouts, while also promoting quicker recovery times.

Regular use of Legit Recovery can contribute to overall well-being by ensuring your muscles receive optimal support during strenuous activities. This helps in maintaining a high level of physical performance and aids in muscle repair and recovery, crucial for continuous health and fitness improvement.

Best Time to Take:

For maximum effectiveness, consume Legit Recovery during your workout. This timing helps combat fatigue as it happens, allowing you to train at peak performance for extended periods.

Flavour Recommendations Based on Time of Day:

  • Morning Workouts: Mango Madness – a refreshing, tropical start to the day.
  • Afternoon Sessions: Raspberry Rage – a tangy boost to power through the day.
  • Evening Training: Geeky Grape – a smooth, mellow option to wind down.
  • Any Time: Juicy Pineapple or Unflavoured – versatile and effective, with or without a distinct flavour profile.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a fitness enthusiast, Legit Recovery offers a delicious and effective way to elevate your workout regimen and enhance your health and wellness.

Additional information


30 Serves


Geeky grape, Juicy pineapple, Mango madness, Raspberry rage, Unflavoured


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